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Hardware features Mikro-p

Hardware Features

Onboard : 

32 bit 80 DMIPS PIC Microcontroller
1 x Color Sensor
1 x Gesture Sensor
1 x Distance Measurement (IR)
1 x Gyroscope (3 axes)
1 x Accelerometer (3 axes)
Tapping, Freefall, Impact Sensing
1 x Temperature Sensor
3 x IRDA Transceiver
Wi-Fi Module
Lipo Battery and Battery Charge Circuit
USB for programming, charge, and communication
1 x User LED (Programmable)
1 x Charge LED
1 x Power LED (Programmable)
1 x Front-Lighting White LED (Programmable)
1 x Expansion Port (USART, I2C,SPI,GPIO,Analog In)
On/Off Switch
Reset and User Button
2 x Independent Speed and Direction Controlled DC motors
1 x Buzzer for sound creation
Battery Level Measurement
2 x IR led (bottom)
2 x IR sensor (bottom)
Barcode Emulator (2 dimension barcode imitation capability) 

Expansion Hardware Modules include ;
Laser range sensor up to 2 meters