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About Our Goals

Our Mission

To make it easier for people of all levels to pass the imagination of the projects they imagine, to ensure that everyone contributes to the colony robot technology.

Our Vision

To lay the groundwork for discoveries that can guide your future's technology, to transform the imagination of young people into reality. 

Our Team

Mikrop Elektronic and Information Technolojies

Bürkan Törün became a Cisco CCNP specialist in 2002. By 2018, he has been actively engaged in software and design work on electronic projects. During this period he gave electronic consultancy to various firms. In the year of 2017, Mikrop Elektronik has been established and continues its work in Mikrop Elektronik.

Hatice Gözde Törün has been working as a software engineer and project manager at various companies since 1999. She completed her master degree on information systems. She gave consultancy services in software team leadership, project management and process management. After establishing Mikrop Elektronik in 2017, she continues her studies and consultancy services in Mikrop Elektronik.

Gürkan Gürdal started to work in Mikrop Elektronik since 2018. He is responsible for creating firms prototypes. He is an expert about creating new electronic cards, putting all the tiny pieces together, procurement and problem solving.